In which Calum muses on the nature of ‘blogs

So there’s a gazillion blogs on the web, so many that they have their own collective noun.

Why bother?

Some people write about issues that matter to them, some on behalf of their employer or some other organisation that they are involved with. Some do it for payment, some for fun, and some because it’s something they read about and thought they ought to have a go at.

It’s an odd thing really, because depending on the individual and their audience, it’s somewhere between a diary, a confessional, an advert, a sermon, or chatting down the pub.

I’m doing it because*

  • writing things down can be a powerful way of organising your thoughts, or just letting off steam
  • doing it in a way that others can respond and question stops it being a case of just yammering on to yourself
  • I’ve got far too much free time on my hands at the moment

*One of these reasons isn’t true. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to guess which one 😉